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Once upon a time… many many moons ago, a beauty maiden dreamt of a palette made of glass. What a silly thought, for a makeup product surely could not be made of glass. The maiden decided to design her dream even better and took it to be observed by all the kingdoms far and wide. Many royals shot down the idea of such a foolish dream… until… the maiden found just the right kingdom to take a chance on her. The queen told her to be patient, keep working to perfect the product and your dream will become Ornately Luxe. Alas, a dream is born, and everyone fell in love. What a triumph! The beauty maiden felt such joy and fulfillment that she lived happily ever after.


Hi! It’s me, I’m the beauty maiden (Jenna) and these are my most cherished creations. Three years in the making, no joke, we have gone through so many trials & tribulations trying to make Ornately Luxe perfection and are beyond excited to finally share this unique product with you!


An aesthetics dream come true our Ornately Luxe Display Cases are made to look like glass but are actually made of crystal clear high gloss acrylic.


Each of the six styles have a unique ornate frame that is not only gorgeous to the design but very functional as a handle to carry and grip your palette. We took extra time & care to design the frame to feel smooth rounded and comfortable in your hand.


The clear lid has Bitter Lace Beauty etched into it and not only firmly magnetizes to the base to protect your products but it keeps the frame dust free as well.


The base of each case has silicone pads to grip the table so it doesn’t slide around when in use.


All wells are 44mm in size and magnetize any BLB product.


“The Four” will house four 44mm pan BLB products. Dimensions: 144 mm (L) x 186.2mm (W) x 16mm (D)

The Four


    Please keep in mind this is a luxe display case made of acrylic and cannot be cleaned with rubbing alcohol of any percentage.

    When any alcohol comes in contact with the acrylic it will create small hair like cracks within the case. It doesn’t affect the performance of the product but the cracks will be noticeable within the clear acrylic.

    We recommend buffing the frame with a dry or damp microfiber cloth to clean the edges & remove fingerprints.

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